About Us

7th Wish Productions is the brainchild of a group of highly skilled young Directors, Associates, Assistants, Cinematographers, Line producer & fixers, Production Executives and Technicians. It is a consortium of like mined people who intends to make their mark in the highly creative and competitive world of movie making. The brilliance in setting up such a talent pool in ‘The Gods own country’ Kerala by a group of friends was the result of a series of ‘brainstorming sessions’ at their ‘thinking shack’ on the 7th Wish of LM Paily Road, in Cochin, and thus the name ‘7th Wish Productions’. After all, it was on the 7th day ‘the Lord’ himself chose to ‘take a break’ and our boys took over

We at 7th Wish Productions believe in effectiveness through efficiency and economy. We aim at providing highly effective Filming works for our clients. The pride and primary capital of 7th Wish is our group of highly experienced professionals. Categorized talent pool of Directors, Photographers, Line producer &fixer and Technicians give us the edge over others in today’s highly competitive field of Movie making.

We are based in Kerala, India. We have well experienced linee producers and fixers to carried out your pre-production, under production and post-production requirements.


Production Sevices
  • Pre-Production Cordination
  • Under Production Cordination
  • Post Production Cordination
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Print and Post
  • Fashion photography
  • Advertising photography
  • Food photography
  • Product photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Architecture photography
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Line production & fixers
  • Location scout and permissions
  • Sourcing Research team for filming
  • Skill-full and talented technicians
  • Transportation and accommodation
  • Catering
  • Camera &Equipment services
  • Casting and grooming
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Video Making
  • On Shoot Video
  • Graphics Video
  • Animated Video
  • 360°Video
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Line Producer for Coco Brand Ads

Eashwar Santhosh: 916 Coco Brand Ad

Line Producer  in Kerala

Eashwar Santhosh: PMP Curry Powder

Line Producer & Fixer in Kerala

Jai Jithin Prakash: I Wonder Y

Line Producer & Fixer in Kerala

Rojin Thomas: Jo and the Boy

Line Producer & Fixer in Kerala

LotusRays Studios:Profile Video of Madhavan, MD Asianet

Line Producer & Fixer for Repose mattress ads

Aravind Venugopal & GP: Repose mattress ad